Company Policy

It is the policy of AlTaiseer Aluminium Company (TALCO) to provide products that meet the needs and expectations of customers and are “Fit For Purpose”.

TALCO is committed towards the quality management system and as such recognizes the need for process assurance through all stages of our activities, from the initial inquiry through to the final hand-over of finished products and the continual improvement of our processes.

This policy acknowledges that everyone has a part to play in achieving quality and customer satisfaction, that prevention not detection, is the right approach, and that the quality management systems is adequately resourced with competent staff, infrastructure and better product systems.

The management of TALCO shall identify company’s objectives and shall regularly review performance of the set objectives and that of the quality management systems to ensure continuing suitability and effectiveness including, opportunities for continual improvement.

TALCO ensures that products conform not only to the specification of the customer, but also to the intended requirements of TALCO and independent International Standards as applicable.

It is our vision to build upon our technology, customer value and employee satisfaction, and the participate in those field of interest that offer opportunities for continuing growth and profitability.

This quality policy has been generated and introduced along with the manual and the associated procedures with the full support and commitment of the OWNER, MANAGEMENT and STAFF of ALTAISEER ALUMINIUM COMPANY (TALCO).