Quality standards have been developed considering the process capability in partnership with our internally set standards in collaboration with the equipment supplier and raw material supplier in the brand name ALUDECOR. EFFECT, & REAL WOOD. All available finishes in Aludecor with TALCO are not recommended for external application and are exclusively used only for internal applications. Quality check and inspection are being conducted in various stages of the production to ensure the quality of the product being decorated is acceptable to the satisfaction of the customers. As such, various tests are being conducted in accordance with our internal standards. The routine check being conducted during in-process & the final inspection are referred by our internal standards. TALCO has developed its own standard named as “ALU DECOR, EFFECTA, REAL WOOD series” in the decorative of the products, which shall be used as reference samples during the process.

Shade of the decorative botch shall be compared with the approved samples to ensure that the botches decorated are in the acceptable range or as per customer approved samples. Customer decorated samples are retained and kept for future references. Fresh samples shall be made matching to the customers sample for further use during the production. The design is checked visually with the approved designed sample. In intended exposed surface, however, all drawings must have exposed area marking. The range of decorative finishes available at present at TALCO are as follows:

ALU DECOR 001…ALU DECOR 002….ALU DECOR 066 etc. EFFECTA, E201, E601…..E803 etc. REALWOOD, RW 201, RW 202…RW 902 etc.

The decorative finishes are outcome of the 3rd stage process in TALCO. The 1st stage and 2nd
stage being extrusion and powder coating respectively. The standards applicable in the 1st and 2nd stages are spelled out in TALCO standard manual in scope A & B which are applicable to these finishes also.