ALTAISEER quality standards have been developed the process capability in tandem with our internally set standards in collaboration with the equipment supplier. All available functional product with AAC are recommended for both external and internal application & these function product implies only for profiles. Quality checks & inspection are being conducted at various stages of the production to ensure the durability of the product being processed is acceptable to the satisfaction of the customer. As such various tests being conducted are in accordance with our internal standards. ALTAISEER has developed its own internal standard for the functional products. The internal tests carried out are documented to meet the application requirement of the customer in conjunction with verification of drawing for exposed areas.

The range of functional products available with AAC must fall in the dimensional categories of maximum 20omm width, 8omm height after the assemble of the assemble profile & the polyamide strip width can vary from 8mm – 40 mm and the height 12mm-4omm. The length of the profile can very 6 meters to 7.5 meters. The functional product are outcome of the 2nd /3rd stage process in AAC. The last stage is the extrusion 2nd stage is the powder coating. The standards applicable in the last and 2nd stage are spelled out in AAC standard manual in scope A & B which are applicable to these products also as appropriate.