Company responsibility and sustainability is an integral part in all aspects of TALCO’s
operations. We commit ourselves to make extra efforts to be a responsible fellow, to
care for our partners and lessen our impact on the environment.

Al Taiseer’s management has an ultimate responsibility for implementing the
sustainability policy across the company with support at each department from
appointed representatives.

TALCO is committed to promoting sustainability in all areas of our business by

  • Measuring our energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, and identifying and
    implementing energy savings wherever possible
  • Monitoring business risk evaluation, being aware and adapting to climate change,
    minimizing the environmental impact of all aspects of our business operations
  • Recycling office and project waste materials whenever necessary and cost-effective
  • Communicating the requirements and needs of our environmental management system
    and policy to all, including our partners, and consulting with and involving our
    employees through regular meetings with the office sustainability representatives
  • Rendering ourselves accountable to all our stakeholders through annual sustainability
    reports documenting our most important environmental, social and economic impacts
  • Using local suppliers for site operations wherever feasible.